Moving to a new address

When moving to a new address, it is important that you give notice on agreements in good time and check that you can use the service at your new address, for example that you have coverage for mobile services, or that the necessary cabling arrangements are possible for your TV supplier.

Fixed telephone, TV and fixed broadband services

Things to think about when moving to a new address

  • Check that your current operator can supply the service to your new address.
  • Book the move in good time beforehand, and let the operator know which services you want to take with you to your new address.
  • If your move involves broadband (ADSL) and/or broadband-TV via the telephone socket, you should book the move three weeks before your desired connection date, and inform the operator of which other services you want to take with you to the new address. Connection of ADSL and/or broadband TV should take place no later than two weeks after fixed telephone services have been connected. Fixed telephone services via the telephone socket must be connected first, before ADSL and/or broadband-TV can be connected at the new address.
  • Order the moving of telephone, TV and ADSL services at the same time, and do not forget to contact all your operators if you have different suppliers for different services.
  • Request a written confirmation of the promised connection date.
  • Check with the operator whether you can do anything to avoid disruption relating to the move, or find out how long the disruption will last if it is unavoidable.
  • If the service cannot be moved or if you do not want to move the service with you to your new address, you should terminate the service in good time before you move, to avoid paying double.
  • Recommendation: We recommend that you request written confirmation of what you have agreed on with the operator, for example via email or letter. Save a copy.

Mobile telephone and mobile broadband services

Things worth paying particular attention to when moving mobile services

  • Check that your operator offers coverage at your new address.
  • If there is no coverage in the area you are moving to, you should terminate the service in good time prior to your move, to avoid paying double.
  • Things to consider: Viewing a new home and it looks like there is good coverage indoors? Check that no windows are open, as this can give better coverage than when the windows are closed.

Binding agreements even if the operator cannot deliver the service

  • Important As a general rule of thumb, you are responsible for paying for a subscription until its contractual commitment and/or notice period end, as stated in the agreement. This applies even if you move house to somewhere where the operator cannot supply the service, provided you have not agreed otherwise with the operator.

In such instances, ask the operator if it is possible to shorten the contractual commitment period or reduce the cost in some other way, for example by switching to a cheaper service for the rest of the agreement period, or whether you can transfer the service to someone else.

If you have paid a moving fee and the move cannot be carried out, you can ask for the fee to be refunded.