About us

The Swedish Telecom Advisors is an impartial independent organisation that provides free information, guidance and assistance for consumers in telephone, TV, Internet and fibre connection.


Our area of expertise

We can assist consumers with guidance and answer questions on subjects as for example:

  • What should I consider before buying telephone, TV and Internet services?
  • What should I do in the event of an unresolved dispute with my operator?
  • Which are my consumer rights in the area of fibre connection?

We can also act as a mediator between individual consumers and telephone, TV and Internet operators as well as fibre organisations. We forward the consumer problems we detect on the market to the operators concerned (if they are a part of our organisation). Where appropriate, we propose generally accepted industry practice.

By gathering information on consumer problems and the need for information we create a knowledge base that is valuable to consumers as well as telephone, TV and Internet operators and fibre development organisations.

Owners and financiers

The organisation is owned by TechSweden and is financed by the telephone, TV and Internet operators and suppliers of fibre connection who have chosen to support the agency. All such operators who enter into an agreement with consumers are offered the opportunity to co‑finance the organisation. The Swedish Telecom Advisors is currently financed by:

The Swedish Telecom Advisors has continuous contact with the operators who co-finance the organisation in order to try and resolve consumer problems quickly and smoothly. Operators which are not on the list are not involved in financing the organisation. Some operators on the market do not enter into agreements with consumers and are thus not involved as co-financiers.


The organisation's board comprises representatives of telephone, TV and Internet operators and the state. The state is represented by the National Post and Telecom Agency and the Swedish Consumer Agency. The authorities and industry representatives have an equal number of votes on the board, and one of the state authorities has the casting vote if this is necessary to facilitate a decision on the organisation's operations.


There are currently nine employees, and we all have substantial experience of working with consumer rights issues. Most of us are lawyers.


You will find all our information, tips, advice and legal verdicts here on our website.

From the website, you can easily send a question or a complaint to us by filling in this web form (in Swedish).

If you wish to phone us, we are open mon-thu 9am - 11pm on +46 (0)8‑522 767 00.

Before contacting us about a problem you should contact your operator – both to give the operator the chance to resolve your problem and because we want to know what response you received, so as to enable us to proceed with the problem.