How to cancel a subscription

The majority of subscription services are initiated by sending a command, such as "start" or a specified code, to a five-digit short number that begins with 72 (72xxx). To cancel a subscription service, one can simply write the word "STOP" or "STOPP" in a SMS message and send it to the same short number that was used to order the service. Therefore, it is important not to reply directly to the SMS message received, but instead to click to create a new SMS and write the word "STOP" and send it to the relevant short number. If you do not know which short number the company that is charging you uses, you can check if you have received any SMS messages from the company. If these SMS messages come from a short number, you can try sending "STOP" in an SMS message to that number.

According to the rules currently in force on the market, you should always be able to cancel a subscription service by sending only the word "STOP" or "STOPP" to the short number used by the company in question. Here is what the rules in the Code of Conduct, which all companies must follow, say:

  • STOPP - When a message containing the word STOPP is sent to the service provider's account, the provider must immediately terminate all ongoing services on the relevant short number for the current user. When a subscription service is terminated, the user must receive confirmation that the service has been terminated. This also applies to subscription services without premium charging. STOPP must be spelled in Swedish in all marketing, but STOP should also be supported. Instructions for the general STOPP service should be readily available in connection with all marketing of services.

If you have tried to cancel a subscription service in the manner described above without success, you can file a complaint with us.