In-apppurchases made with creditcard

My underage child has purchased digital products via an app using my credit card without my permission, what should I do?

Applications - apps - or in-app purchases paid for with account or credit cards are not premium rate services and fall outside the scope of Telekområdgivarna's mission. Therefore, we cannot help you contact the relevant company or companies. Services purchased through GooglePlay and Microsoft are outside of our mandate to handle and you must dispute them directly with those companies.

For advice on how to dispute the invoice, you can contact Hallå Konsument. Many municipalities also offer consumer guidance where you as a consumer can get advice and support on various issues.

If a dispute arises, you can investigate the possibility of having it resolved by the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN), which offers free legal review of disputes between consumers and companies.

Please note that if the purchases were not made using an account or credit card but were charged to your mobile bill, it is a payment service and you can make a complaint.

Together with other EU countries and the European Commission, the Swedish Consumer Agency has participated in efforts to address consumer issues related to in-app purchases. More information about this work can be found in the Swedish Consumer Agency's news archive.