Inherited services

I have a completely new mobile subscription and have been charged for services I haven't ordered. Why?

If you have recently acquired a new mobile subscription, a mobile broadband subscription, or a prepaid card with a new mobile number, and if you have been charged for premium rate services that you are not aware of having ordered, it may be because a previous user of the mobile number has started a subscription service of some kind that has not been terminated before the mobile number changed ownership. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a mobile number does not remain "in quarantine" long enough before it is put back into use, and subscription services that have been started cannot be terminated. It also happens sometimes that companies do not follow the rules that exist; that the company are only allowed to attempt to charge a service once, and if the charge fails, which may be due to the number being out of circulation for a period of time or there being no funds on a prepaid card, the company are not allowed to attempt to charge again at a later time, but they must immediately terminate the service.

If you have tried to contact the company responsible for the service - contact information should be available on the invoice from the operator - without success, you can make a report to us. Then we can contact the responsible company and request an explanation of what has happened in the matter.