About us

On January 1:st 2022 the tasks of former Ethical Council for Premium Rate Services became a part of The Swedish Telecom Agency (Telekområdgivarna). The council handled ethical rules for PRS regarding content and marketing these services. The council have established and distributed these rules and also tried complaints regarding this area.


In the beginning of the 1990s, Televerket was to introduce premium rate service calls on the Swedish market. These were to be transferred via a special prefix, 071. Televerket understood that this type of calls would possibly mean that problems could occur and gave the lawman of Court of appeal Lennart Groll the assignment to create the basis for an organisation that would handle potential issues regarding the content and marketing of these services . Lennart Groll was Swedens first Pressombudsman and with the experience that came from creating this public office he was considered well suited for the task of leading the work of legislating this new area. 

As a result of this work, the first ethical council was created in 1992 by Televerket and a trade association called Svenska Teleinformationsföreningen. In 1994 the organisation was restructured with Telia as its sole founder. In 2003 the foundation got its final name, The Ethical Council for Premium Rate Services. At he same time the council added mobile services to its mandate.