Contact information for companies

How do I find out which company charged me for a premium rate service?

According to rules set by the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS), the contact information for the company responsible for a provided service should be included on the invoice from the network operator. Typically, there is a phone number for the company's customer service on the invoice.

If there is no phone number, you can contact your operator to request contact information for the company in question. You can also find most companies on our page of addresses.

If you know the premium rate number or short code that the charge was made through, there are several ways to find out which company uses the number.

For premium rate calls, PTS has a service where you can look up which operator has a particular premium rate number.

Telia has a special information service for their premium rate numbers which you can reach at the phone number 020-900 944 or via email.

If it is a mobile premium rate service and the charge was made through a short code, you can send a text message with the text "info" to the relevant short code. You should then receive a message back with information about which company has the short code, a phone number for customer service, and an email address or website.

If you have tried to contact the company without success, you can make a complaint to us.