Direct marketing to your mobile phone

Can companies send direct marketing via SMS or WAP-push to mobile phones?

According to ethical rules, direct marketing of Premium rate telephone services cannot be carried out without the customer's explicit consent. However, marketing can take place when an established customer relationship exists. An established customer relationship is considered to exist, for example, when a person has made a purchase of services from a company. If you have ordered a Premium rate service, such as a ringtone, from a company, an established customer relationship exists between you and the company. The company may then send direct marketing for its services to your mobile phone. An established customer relationship cannot normally be considered to exist for more than one year. Therefore, if you do not order any more services from the company, they may not continue to send direct marketing to you if more than a year has passed since you last ordered a service from the company.

It is important that you can easily opt-out of future direct marketing, if you do not want any more of it. Therefore, every message should contain a link that the consumer can click on and immediately unsubscribe from future marketing.

It should be noted that many companies collect information about their customers, including their mobile numbers, and that the terms and conditions also include statements that as a customer, you agree that your information may be used for various marketing activities. Therefore, if you do not want your mobile to receive marketing, you should be cautious about providing information about your mobile number when, for example, filling out applications for membership in various purchase clubs that retail chains or companies that sell services via the internet have.

If you have received direct marketing to your mobile phone for any services other than paid telephone services, you can read more about this on the Nix Telefon website.