About premium rate calls

I have been charged for calls to premium numbers that I have not made, what should I do?

If you have been charged for premium rate calls that you do not recognize having made, you can dispute the invoice with your network operator. The question of whether a premium rate call has been made or not falls outside our mandate. Therefore, we can only inform you about what applies in a situation where a consumer claims not to have made premium rate calls that the operator has charged for. By signing an agreement with a telecommunications operator, the subscription holder has taken on the responsibility to pay for all costs associated with telephony from the relevant subscription, including premium rate services.

The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) has taken a stance on the issue in a number of cases. In these cases, ARN requested that the operator prove that the charged premium rate calls had been connected from the consumers' phone numbers. When the operators could show through prints from their technical systems that a connection had been made, the burden of proof shifted to the consumers, who were required to prove that they did not make the charged calls.

If you want to dispute an invoice on the basis that you believe you did not make the charged premium rate calls, it is good to start by requesting a call specification from the operator. On the call specification, you can see the exact times when the disputed calls were connected.

It may be useful to find out which company is behind the premium number that appears on the invoice, as this knowledge can be helpful in trying to figure out what has happened.

If you suspect that a minor may have made the charged premium rate calls, you can read more about minors' use of premium rate services here. To get help disputing the invoice with your operator, you can turn to Hallå Konsument or the municipal consumer guidance service.