How we handle your complaint

What can you do to help me with a premium rate service issue?

The Ethical Council for Premium Rate Services (ERB) was responsible for developing and maintaining ethical rules for the content of information provided on premium rate services and their marketing until 31 December 2021. From 1 January 2022, this task is now part of Telekområdgivarnas responsibilities.

Once we receive your complaint, we will contact the company responsible for the service you have been charged for. When we contact a company in a case, we ask them to provide us with a statement. In most cases, we also ask the company to contact the complainant directly to resolve the issue. We do not have the authority to demand that a company refund a consumer, but many companies choose to do so when they receive a complaint from us.

Once we have received the company's statement, we review the information we have received about the service, especially the marketing. If we find, after an investigation, that the content or marketing of the service does not comply with applicable rules, we may bring the issue to the attention of telecommunications operators for further handling and possible action.

In summary, we can help you contact the company that has charged you and try to clarify what has happened and why you have been charged. A large proportion of the cases we handle result in the company in question deciding to refund what they have charged, even though we do not have the ability to demand this. Your complaint may also result in that a service that violates the rules on the market being shut down by the network operators, so your complaint can help ensure that other consumers are not affected by these services.

If it is not clear from the invoice which company/service has charged you, you need to contact your operator to obtain this information. We also need to know which phone number has been charged for the service.

IMPORTANT! When writing your complaint to us, you need to provide:

  • The company that has charged you (contact your operator if you do not know the name, or check it on your invoice)
  • The phone number that has been charged, NOT your contact number