Ordering a Premium rate service

If there is a charge for one or more services provided by the telecom operator on the invoice, it means that someone who has used the landline or mobile phone has ordered one or more Premium rate services.

There are a large number of Premium rate services of various kinds. Some examples of common services are voting in TV programs like Melodifestivalen via phone calls or SMS, buying a bus ticket via SMS, or entertainment services for mobile phones such as games or ringtones. Such services can be ordered in several ways.

Orders can be made by calling a premium rate number with any of the prefixes 099, 0900, 0939 or 0944. Orders can also be made by sending an SMS to a so-called short number for SMS payment services, these short numbers have five digits and start with 72 (72xxx). Orders can also be made via the internet on mobile devices by clicking on a number of links on a company's mobile website and accepting the terms and conditions for the service provided through the above-mentioned short numbers.

Many Premium rate services are marketed on the internet, but as far as we know, a paid service cannot be started without someone actively ordering or confirming an order via their mobile phone. For example, it should not be possible to start a service by entering someone else's mobile number on a website where such a service is marketed. Rules for how orders of Premium rate services should be placed are set out in the Code of Conduct developed by the operators, the Ethics Council for Paid Services and the industry organization MORGAN.

If you do not know what service you have been charged for, a good first step is to contact your network operator and request a call specification. The call specification will show you when premium calls have been made or premium SMS messages have been sent.

The invoice from the operator should, according to regulations decided by the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency, contain contact information for the company responsible for a provided service.

If you have tried to contact a company without success, or if you have been in contact with a company but are not satisfied with the responses you have received, you can make a complaint to us. Then we can contact the company and help you to clarify what has happened in the case.