Mobile phone services

Mobile phone services are provided through five-digit short numbers that start with 7, for example 72123. Premium SMS services are SMS messages that cost more than a regular SMS and are used to pay for a service, such as a bus ticket on a mobile phone.

Premium SMS services

Premium SMS services are provided through five-digit short numbers that begin with 7, for example, 72123.Mobile services are provided through these short numbers that the network operators have developed themselves. The companies that provide these services are called service providers. There are hundreds of different companies that are service providers and are responsible for one or more short numbers, but in practice, it is mainly a handful of companies that have specialized in this technology, and these companies, in turn, allow other companies to provide services through their short numbers. These other companies are called content providers. Service providers can allow different content providers to provide services through the same short number, this is called a shared short number.

Mobile phone services can be charged as one-time purchases or subscription services. With a one-time purchase, you are charged once for the product or service you have purchased, such as a bus ticket, ringtone, soft drink, or a vote for a participant in a competition of some sort.

With subscription services, you start a subscription service of some sort yourself. It can be a number of ringtones, video clips, or information messages about weather or traffic information. A service cannot start without someone actively using their mobile phone to order or confirm an order for the service. This can be done via SMS or via internet, but there must always be some form of communication with the mobile phone.

The company then charges you for the service by sending a SMS messages to the subscription that ordered the service. As a user, you are then charged for the SMS messages you receive. This can happen once or several times a week, depending on the design of the service. You can cancel a subscription service at any time. The easiest way is to send an SMS message containing only the word "STOP" or "STOPP" to the short number that the service is running through.

  • Note! You should not reply directly to any SMS message you receive from the company, but click to send a new SMS message, write only the word "STOP" or "STOPP" in the message field, and enter the relevant short number as the phone number.

The company that runs the service shall then immediately terminate it, and no further charges can be made unless the consumer reactivates the service.

In addition to premium SMS services, there are a number of SMS services that are free or only charged with a very small fee. These are usually provided through short numbers that start with the numbers 71, for example 71234.