According to the Electronic Communications Act all Swedish websites must inform how and when cookies are used.

Our website uses cookies for web statistics and technical needs. Some of the cookies are saved on your device to remember your choices at your next visit on the website, but we do not use any of this information on our website. Yours and others activity are logged but cannot be linked to a specific user. We gather information about which pages you visit, the duration of the visit and from which country you visit the website.

Cookies used on this site:

_ga, _gat, _gid, – Cookies used by Google Analytics for web analysis. Read more abour how Google uses cookies. The cookies are saved in up to two years. 

ASP.NET Session – Cookie used for technical needs. It is temporarily saved and is deleted when you close your browser.

During times when we are asking questions about the website using a web form provided by Web Service Awards, cookies are stored with the purpose of analysis and improvement of user experience. 

You can deny access to cookies, review which cookies that have been stored and erase them with the help of functions in your browser.